Useful phone numbers


+30 27520 24120



+30 2752 361100


+30 27520 27323


House Manual

1)The house has a seller and there is always hot water. In case the water is cold, in the kitchen there is an electrical panel, in which you turn on the water heater button. Before you use the hot water, the water heater button has to be turned off.


2) You can find the mop and the vacuum cleaner near the stairs at a small hallway, where is a secret door.


3) In case you have garbage you can leave them every night opposite the house (in the corner) at Staikopoulou str. The garbage truck passes every night.


4) It is prohibited to throw bleach at the sink because it is made of marble. For red wine, coffee, vinagre or lemon, please clean the sink immediately.